ABC Quiet Book Reveal

Here’s my Quiet Book reveal!  If you’re interested in the long sordid story of how this book came to be, please continue reading.  If you just want to get to the book, feel free to skip to the pictures below, and look out for my upcoming post that goes through the book page by page.

ABC Quiet Book 20130118_153414I got bit by the Quiet Book bug when Snaggle was just a tot, probably some time in late 2007 or early 2008.  I had just gotten my first sewing machine. (Yep, I had made the big plunge and paid a whopping $99 for it at Wal-mart of all places.)  I had one sewing class under my belt, but didn’t feel very confident threading my own machine or sewing a straight line for that matter.  20130118_15355020130118_154905

I was skimming the craft section of my library during my lunch break and found a book called 26 Lively Letters, and I was captivated by the whole idea of a book, made by little old me, that would help her learn the alphabet.  The additional benefit of it keeping her “quiet” did not sink in then, though now several kids later, I totally get that appeal.  Totally.  I ended up checking the book out, renewing it a few times, then just broke down and bought a used copy off Amazon. 20130118_15560620130118_155911

I later found another book, called A-B-C 1-2-3 Craft Book that I used for additional ideas and for all my letter templates.  And of course, between the time that I first saw 26 Lively Letters and now, I have learned about the tons of quiet books posted all over the internet. Some of these moms (and dads, I would imagine) are so amazingly creative that it got to be a bit overwhelming.  Sometimes I definitely got intimidated by all of the cool pages I saw. I borrowed ideas here and there, but unfortunately didn’t track them all (so if you see your page adapted in my book, I hope you’ll be flattered instead of upset).  I did start using a Pinterest board to keep track of some of my inspiration. 20130121_22513820130121_225252

I stopped and started over the years on my book — at times I cursed myself for committing to doing the entire alphabet, because I could have just done the five letters of Snaggle’s name, or the activities only with no letters at all.  But,as I mentioned in my previous post, I found my second third wind once I was pregnant with Omega and pushed on through to finish it right around the time she was born.  I still could probably put one more finishing touch by writing in instructions, as the author does in 26 Lively Letters, but the kids seem fine playing with it as is.  20130121_22551420130127_164137

Snaggle, who is now 6, loves weaving the mat on the W page and playing tic tac toe on the G page, and Mamacita loves the xylophone page, the shapes, and the dog collar.  I can’t wait to see which pages Omega enjoys.  Because you’d best believe this book will stay in this family for a LONG time if I have anything to say about it.  I joked with my husband that I would only entertain offers of five figures or more to part with it. During the igloo and earth pages, that went up to six figures!20130127_16432320130127_164610

And there you have it, folks.  Five years of work for your quiet book enjoyment.  I vowed I would never do another one, but now I’m thinking of ideas for a friend’s child and for my nephew too.  Go figure (the things we do for the little ones in our lives). You can bet those will be shorter books though.  I usually don’t endorse “Nevers” because it’s not good to close yourself off from things. In this case, however, it is safe to say I will NEVER attempt a complete alphabet quiet book again. But I am glad to have done it once.20130127_16482820130127_164912

Stay tuned for my next post that will go through the activities on each page.

Until next time,

Love….Peace…and Crunchysoul.

3 thoughts on “ABC Quiet Book Reveal

  1. sowoodsy

    Such fantastic work! I am so intimidated by this as a project. I have been studying making a quiet book for so long, that I think my niece will have outgrown it by the time I do it! Thanks for all of the incredibly helpful photos!

    1. crunchysoul Post author

      Thanks so much! I found it intimidating too, but I’m so glad I finished. I’m sure your niece will love it whenever you give it to her (even if it’s not until she’s having her first child, lol). Good luck.

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