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First Birthday Matching Game

Mamacita turned one back in May.  We did a small party at the house — which was more of an excuse to see some of my friends that I never get to see.  Hey, Mamacita is only one, it’s not like she cares that more of my friends were there :-)  Plus, I find it’s good to host a function every now and then because it motivates us to clean the house. Seriously.

Now, when Mamacita was born, I had the idea to take a picture of her on the same day each month to track her growth.  Actually, I had this idea with Snaggle, but didn’t follow through and the picture-taking fell off quickly.  I feel bad about that, but Snaggle was my first and I didn’t know what the heck I was doing.  I’ll forgive myself for that.  Luckily, Shutterfly sent me a coupon for 50 free photos a few weeks before Mamacita’s birthday.  I decided it would be fun to do a matching game that would serve as a passive activity at the party — which was really more of a laid-back cookout without too much structure.  It would also do double duty as a party decoration.

I had a book of 8 x 8 decorative cardstock that I had bought on a whim on sale at A.C. Moore a few months ago.  I used 12 of these sheets and pasted one photo of Mamacita to each page — the 12 photos were for months 0 – 11.  I assigned each of the photos a number.

The month by month picture, with random numbers assigned.

First Birthday matching game

Then I took 12 index cards and wrote out each month and Mamacita’s corresponding age — for Example “May 2010 – 0 months”; “June 2010 – 1 month” and so on.  I gave each index card a letter and pasted them on 12 more pieces of cardstock. Matching game for first birthday

Matching game for first birthday party

Lastly, I made an answer sheet (because I wasn’t even sure that I would have been able to remember them.  Mamacita looks really similar in a number of these photos!) Matching game for first birthday

I put up the photos on the left side of the wall, and the index cards on the right side of the wall. Here’s how it looks all together.

Matching game for first birthday party

People didn’t really play it competitively as a formal game, but I think folks got a kick out of it.

After I took them down from the wall (a good six weeks after the party was over!) I put them in an 8×8 scrapbook.  I figure Mamacita will get a kick out of looking at it when she gets older.

Apologies for the fuzziness on the pictures.  This camera was on its last legs, but was the only one I had at the time.

I hope you like this idea.  Please let me know what you think, and I’d definitely love to hear from anyone who tries this!