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Homemade Halloween – Witch’s Broom

Just wanted to share the final element of Snaggle’s halloween costume, the witch’s broomstick.  This is a cute little accessory that I made out of those ubiquitous toilet paper rolls.  It’s funny, though, as it got closer to Halloween night, I wasn’t sure that I would have enough rolls, so I started taking some home from work.  Then I didn’t want to carry them in my work bag which is ALWAYS stuffed in case they got crushed,so I just carried them home on the train. I can only imagine how strange I looked to fellow Metro riders.

supplies for witch's broomstickHere are the supplies I used:

– toilet paper rolls (can’t remember how many, maybe 8)

– colored duct tape (Snaggle chose purple to coordinate with her tunic and tights)

– scotch tape

– manila folders


– glue gun and glue sticks

I started by using the scotch tape to hold the toilet paper rolls together.  I kept taping until I had the length that I wanted.  In retrospect, it would have been better to use paper towel rolls because  I would have needed fewer, but it worked out just as well with the toilet paper rolls.  Then I wrapped the tube I created with the purple duct tape.  I figured this had the benefit of fortifying the cardboard and adding a little decoration.

I didn’t wrap the last toilet paper roll completely; I left a little bit of cardboard exposed at the end of the last roll so that I could attach the manila folders. I prepped the manilla folders by cutting them into sections a few inches wide and 10-12 inches long.  The sizes varied a bit as you can see in the second picture below.  I cut the longer end into strips but left about 5 or so inches uncut. Here’s what a section looked like after I cut the strips.

Next, I used my glue gun to hot glue the manila folders onto the tube.

I didn’t take a photo of the next step, but I basically folded the manilla folders over, and then used a thin piece of the duct tape to secure it around.  I figured this made it look more like a traditional broomstick.  Here’s the final result (picture taken after Snaggle took the broom out on a rainy day, so the “bristles” got a little warped.)

Hope someone finds this helpful.  It was fun to make, and Snaggle liked her little accessory.  And making it out of toilet paper rolls was not only green, but was also injury free.  No one got hurt as they were playing around with it!

Homemade Halloween — Witch’s Tunic

Snaggle decided pretty early on that she wanted to be a witch this year.  She was with me at the fabric store one day this summer and instantly took a liking to this purple witch fabric.  Luckily, it was only like $2 a yard, so I bought a few yards and thought I’d figure out what to do with it later.  I had no idea how to make a witch’s outfit, and my clothes sewing skills are still in infancy.  But I hoped that I could put together some type of tunic and have her wear a black shirt under it.  I poked around online, but didn’t find a quick and simple tunic tutorial, and ultimately I put it together myself.  Here’s how I did it.

First, I folded the fabric in half vertically and then in half again horizontally.  Then I drew a half circle at the spot where the two folds met.  You can (just barely) see my chalk line drawn in the photo below.

Once I cut it, this was the opening for Snaggle to slip the tunic over her head. Here is Snaggle modeling the tunic at this stage:

Next, I refolded the fabric again the same way I had done for cutting the head opening.  I drew another curve shape at the other side of the fabric (this is the left side of the photo below but is hard to see).  Because the fabric is folded twice, I was able to cut through both armholes simultaneously, and make sure the armholes had a similar shape.  Cutting the armhole wasn’t a necessary step, but I was trying to give some shape to the armholes. 

As a next step, I turned the fabric inside out.  I also shortened the fabric a bit by cutting it down to tunic length — Snaggle helped.  No need to do more sewing than necessary, you know what I mean? 

Then I just went to my sewing machine and sewed a straight stitch down from the underarm to the bottom of the tunic.

As I sit here writing this, I’m really wishing I had taken more — and better —  photos.  These tutorials are harder than they look, but I’m a work in progress and will try to do better.  By this time, my eager little helper was getting antsy and wanted to move on to something else.  I practically had to do some pro wrestling moves to get her to let me do the finishing touch, which was to cut a jagged edge into the bottom of the tunic, to give it a raggedy, witchy feel.  As you can imagine, it would have been difficult to get photos of that.

Once the tunic was done, I happened upon the perfect tights for her — at Walmart of all places.  I try to stay out of that place, but we needed to make an urgent pitstop for one of the girls one day, and it was the most convenient store.  The black and purple tights and the witches hat jumped out at me.  As is Walmart’s way, the prices were (suspiciously) cheap, and I gave up my plans to try to make this hat and purchased one instead.  Here’s a picture of her riding the Metro in the tights.

You can sort of see the jagged bottom in the picture below.  I also crocheted a black belt to give some shape to the tunic.  It was pretty shapeless, but she was happy with it, and that’s what was most important. Stay tuned for another tutorial for the witch’s broomstick!

Homemade Halloween

Welcome to my Homemade Halloween recap.  To be fair,  maybe I should call it “Semi-Homemade” Halloween, because both Snaggle and Sunny’s costumes were a combination of things bought and made by yours truly.  It was my first time making costumes for Halloween.  I don’t consider myself an apparel sewer — heck, I’m a “rudimentary” crafty sewer at best, quite rough around the edges — so I was pretty proud of myself this year.

Sunny was a ragdoll.  I made the apron and purchased the tights at a party store and the tunic/dress at the thrift store.  The bonus is that she can wear the dress through the winter (though it works better as a long shirt)! Still, not bad for 5 buckaroos. Snaggle was a witch, and I made her a tunic thingamajig and a witch’s broom as a prop.  I bought the hat and tights at Walmart and the shirt at the thrift store. Stay tuned for posts where I show how I made the apron, tunic and broom.

It was really fun making the costumes.  The best homemade costumes make you smile or even chuckle to yourself when you see them. I never made a big deal about Halloween before, but seeing how much fun the kids had when they dress as something else made me wish I had gotten into it sooner.

By the way, don’t think of this post as being late for Halloween 2011, think of it as early for Halloween 2012, or 2013, or even 2014 for that matter.  One thing I learned this year is that you can never get started making the costumes too early.  Snaggle and Sunny have already started tossing around ideas for next year — so far the plan is for them to be Ketchup and Mustard….and for little Mamacita to be “Small Fry.”  So cute!