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Homemade Halloween — Ragdoll Apron

Sunny was pretty clear that she wanted to be a Rag Doll for Halloween this year.  I thought it was a cute idea but wasn’t sure how I was going to execute it.  I started by looking up other homemade Rag Doll costumes and found this excellent site, aptly named coolest-homemade-costumes.com.  I got a little distracted by all the creative ideas, like the baby Chippendale dancer, the Cabbage Patch doll, and the pregnant basketball player.

But once I got focused again, I found some helpful costumes.  Most of them had a blue print dress and an apron.  I was going to put the dress in the hands of the thrift store gods and hope they would send one my way.  My clothes-sewing skills are seriously lacking, and I did not want to send Sunny out looking jacked up!  Luckily, she found the perfect dress for her costume, all by herself.  The thrift store gods heard my call.

Next we went hunting for an apron or something apron-like that we could use. In the linen section, we found a white cotton bed sham — for one whopping dollar — and inspiration struck.  Suddenly, I had a idea.

I figured I could cut a section of the sham for the top of the apron, a section for the bottom, and then sew them together onto a long piece of fabric that would also serve as the strap to tie the apron on.  As a plus, the sham had wide elastic bands that are intended to be used to hook the sham onto the mattress.  This wider band fit over Sunny’s head, saving me from having to sew a neck strap.  And the elastic sewn into the edging made a little gathered neckline, so I didn’t have to add that either.

Here we are trying to figure our where to cut the two parts of the bed sham to the right length and shape for the apron.

Then, I pinned the strap fabric onto the top part of the apron, as shown above.  I had a cute little blue and white fabric with little red accents that would have coordinated with the other parts of the costume, but Sunny insisted on the orange so she wouldn’t be too coordinated.  If you notice, I tried to get a little fancy and add pleats!  I also sewed along the sides of the apron top in order to neaten up the side seams. I then fit, pinned, and sewed a section of the sham onto the bottom of this strap, which became the bottom of the apron. Sorry, I don’t have any photos of this.

Sunny has locs that are kind of long, so we thought it would be cool to braid her hair around a section of wire (cut from a hanger) so that her ponytails would stick out a little.  I also cut some bright red yarn and mixed it in with her hair for some color.

As finishing touches, we tied pink ribbon in her hair, put some red makeup on her cheeks, and she put on red and white striped tights (the most expensive part of her costume!)  Here’s the finished product:

Very cute, don’t ya think?  My ‘apron’ even came out looking a lot like an apron.  So exciting.